Memories - Light the Corners of My Mind ...

What would an anniversary reunion be without memories?  As time and space will allow, memories from our past will included on this page. 

My hope is that you might be able to contribute a few anecdotes, such as the one in the "Do You Remember?" section below.  Check back often to see what has been added.

A Blast From the Past Video

Although a number of you may have seen this video ten years ago at our fortieth, it was offered by David Phyfer who, along with the help of Holly Hultgren, put it together. Thanks, David , for allowing me to use it here.  For all of you out there, enjoy!


Do You Remember?

There are always short stories and anecdotes regarding strange and or funny  things that happened "back then."  If you've got a good one, send it to me and maybe I can get it added here.

  • How about the "Senior Prank" that included the taping of Playboy centerfolds on the outside of the high school hallway skylights.  All we could do was stare upward and laugh; the administrators were not amused!
  • Mr. Egge: Great math teacher -- my memory is that he was perhaps a bit too cerebral...  However, he forever imprinted a memory engram (concept stolen from Star Trek) regarding what I later referred to as "Mr. Chalk": an aluminum chalk holder to keep the chalk dust off his hands.  When I became a high school science teacher, I had to have one.  It added to the weirdness with which my students associated me... 

Hugh Hart Remembers:

  • I moved to Wheaton after my sophomore year but here’s some highlights from 1964-66 at Geneva High School, once I faced the fact that sports was not my calling.
  • Dave Simpson had a band that played a couple of sock hops at Geneva High School. He sang and played rhythm guitar while Johnny Emma, Nancy Emma’s younger brother, played lead guitar. They did Wooly Bully and Louie Louie, but for some reason the song I remember best was the totally NON-classic “Valley of the Giant Green Giant.” I was too shy to dance, but boy did I want to. Johnny died tragically in a plane crash a few years later on his way to a gig.
  • In March of my freshman or sophomore, I had one line in the play Cheaper by the Dozen, The guy who played “Father” was John Motley, one class ahead of us, who was fantastic.
  • English teacher Miss Guilliame coached the speech team. I can’t remember who participated because we all had to get up very early in the morning for the downstate competition, but I do remember that I recited “The Hollow Men” poem by T.S. Eliot. Dark stuff and I’m sure at that age I had no idea what I was talking about.
  • Freshman year Geography, I fondly remember Mr. Elam as a fantastically enthusiastic teacher. Billy Trueblood’s dad Mr. Trueblood was super-nice biology teacher. (Though it’s too bad about the frogs).
  • After sophomore year I got my first job ($1.15 an hour) working at Dog ‘N Suds on Roosevelt Road, east side of town. John Pelanek (R.I.P.) flipped the burgers. I poured the root beer and made chili dogs. Then I walked around Lake Michigan with Chris Valentine (with a little help from Greyhound, a ferry boat and hitch hiking), then moved in September to Wheaton.

Karen (Foster) Tatlock Remembers:

  • Having Mr. Pinter for the band instructor. He was always nice and understanding and he really did want the best for you and to have his band sound wonderful.
  • Going to Prom when it was in the gym for and Evening In Paris.
  • Listening to Dave Simpson’s band play for sock hops in the gym after the football games.
  • Being the hall monitor by the library and all of a sudden the hallway began to fill up with smoke. I went to the office to have them pull the fire alarm and they wouldn’t pull the alarm because they knew it was just a mop in the boiler room that had caught fire and it was being taken care of. Meanwhile, the whole school was being clouded over with smoke. It would have been a perfect time for a fire drill that the state mandates.

Steve Lake Remembers:

  • Ola, good to hear from you, I received an invitation in the mail that is where I got the web site. Nice job, I enjoyed it and the video great, good music. I won’t be there, I go to the Fox Valley every couple years for family events reunions, weddings, sadly funerals. My mom is 88, brother in Geneva, sister in Batavia, this takes up all the time. One time I was there over Swedish Days, really crowded still serving Swedish pancakes Sat. morning. I have good memories growing up there, really remember pulling out and running the 28 sweep, taking it to the house go Vikes. I don’t do a lot with social media you have e-mail, text, I will reply. I would like to read more if it is available, share this with anyone who would be interested. Go in peace with love in your heart.

Steve Rohrs:

  • Hey Richard, Thanks for the e-mails, sure brought some memories. My family moved to Batavia after my freshman year, (sorry Vikings, go Bulldogs), I graduated there but I feel like I grew up in Geneva and that is my home town. Sorry I will not be able to come to either reunion, please give my regards to my former classmates. You mentioned Harrison and Coultrap (sometimes known as rattrap back then) really jogged my memories. Some people I think of are Joe Barry, Bob Gieken ( anybody remember Gieken's General Store?), Jim Sherer and Dale Shewalter. I hope they are well. After some college I moved to Muncie Ind. and Owned a service station with Ben Parsons,I miss him very much. I met my wife, Susan, there and then moved to Atlanta. .Forty years happily married and employed as a mechanic, auto and heavy equipment, now in sales but soon to retire. Please stay in touch and know you would be welcome here.
    P.S. Geneva was the best place to grow up in 50's and 60's
  • Richard, Steve Rohrs here, Sorry to hear about Dale Shewalter. I am not surprised he was a Vietnam Hero. If he shows up please remember me to Walter William Wallmark III, he was a good friend and if I remember right he lived across the street from Dale. Hope you all have a great time. Your Friend, Steve

Catching Up & Filling In The Blanks

This section will contain stories of what you have been up to.  Hoping you want to share.  Fifty years is a long time and we have all traveled a lot of highways and byways; experiences are many and varied.  Share yours; there are lots of classmates interested in what has taken place in your life since 1968.



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Birthday party at Dale Shewalter's house Clockwise from left: Rich Ross, Dale Shewalter, ?, Dan Neri, Walt Wallmark and Bob Geiken