The Year Was 1968 . . .

We -- well, at least most of us -- were 18 years old and held the entire world by its massive tail. Gas was $0.34 per gallon, eggs were $0.50 per dozen, the cost of a movie ticket and a 45 rpm at Dottie's Records (just across the street) were both about a dollar and you could sit in a booth in Wayne Drugs on State Street and enjoy Fries & a Cherry Phosphate for about 35 cents.

In June of that year,  "Mrs. Robinson" (Simon & Garfunkel) and "This Guy's in Love with You" (Herb Alpert) were at the top of the record charts -- see all Top 100 hits from 1968 -- and we were preparing to graduate from Geneva High School.

Life was good and we were ready to move on to bigger and better things.  The vast majority of us were planning to attend college: some wanted to stay close to home and some couldn't wait to get as far from Geneva as possible.  But we were ready.

. . . and Now It's 50+ Years Later

We've traveled what seems like a Million Miles; we've loved, lost, laughed, cried, challenged and been challenged.  Whether from books or the School of Hard Knocks, we have learned many important lessons.  Some of our closest friends are unfortunately no longer with us, and we really miss them.

We've seen gasoline go as high as $4.50 a gallon and even eggs over $4 per dozen.  Movies, if we even go to them (why should we when we can stream them to our giant television sets or mobile devices?), are about $9 per ticket now, and who needs vinyl records when we have "flash drives" that hold endless hours of music, and Internet sites like Spotify, Pandora and Jango?

We have learned to cope -- albeit at a slower pace -- with life and what it now presents us; It's often been said that "we don't bounce as high as we used to".  Even with its curves and potholes, life is still good.  We have collectively reached a significant milestone to celebrate, 50 years later.  Why not join in the fun and share your memories!  



This site is dedicated to the sweet memory of our classmates, colleagues and friends who are no longer with us.

Thoughts & Prayers For

Signe Anderson (Giese)
Scott Arnold
Mike Bordenave
Ronald Cook
Mary Edgar
David Fletcher
Elizabeth Gaede (Foulkes)
James Haebeggar, Jr.
Dana Harding
Ed Herring
Susie Hoelscher (Gelli)
Barbara Holliday (Foster)
Mike Holmberg
Robert Edward Howell
Penny Johnson (Gillespie)
Ginny Lauer (Stonestreet)
Susan Lindholm (Jakson)
Peggy Miller (Barnard)
Lynn Nelson
Dave O'Connell
Ben Parsons
Gale Paydon
John Pelanek
Tom Sanders
Dale Shewalter
Jeffrey Van Beck
Bruce Ward
Andrea Zollers (Jones)